Municipal Collections

Municipal Collection Lawyers – Serving Florida Cities

Collecting debts for fines, unpaid utilities, taxes and other municipal fees may seem impossible – numerous outstanding bills can run up into the millions of dollars. When the task of recovering debt from the citizens of your city or county is overwhelming, contact the attorneys at Caudle Law Firm.

Representing Jacksonville

Caudle Law Firm represents the City of Jacksonville, Florida in collecting debt. Our over 40 years of combined experience has helped the city collect money for:

  • Real estate or property taxes
  • Utilities (water, electricity, gas)
  • Bad checks
  • False alarm fees
  • Parks and recreation fees

Our experience representing the City of Jacksonville has shown that debtors are more likely to pay owed money to the city if there is a possibility of legal action being taken. One year, the city of Jacksonville had 13 million dollars in outstanding debt. With the help of the attorneys of Caudle Law Firm, the City of Richmond was able to significantly reduce its real estate tax receivables.

Representing Your City

Laws from city to city are typically general. The experience that forms the bedrock of our firm’s municipal collections work places us in a strong position to represent your city. We are familiar with various organizational software systems employed by different cities.

Get the information and experienced legal assistance you need to collect your debts. Discover your legal options when you believe you will simply have to write off a bad debt. Take advantage of the determination with which Caudle Law Firm pursue collections for our clients. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.