Landlord/Tenant Collections

Landlord/Tenant Collection Lawyers

As a commercial or residential landlord, you must deal with tenants who fail to pay their rent or who vacate a piece of rental property before the lease expires, leaving significant damage – damage which often exceeds the amount of their deposit.

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Taking Legal Action to Collect Unpaid Rent

  • If you take action against a renter who owes you money on a lease, 21 days is generally the soonest you can go to court. If the tenant does not show up a default judgment will be taken. If the tenant show up and contests the ruling the case will be set for an expedited trial date.
  • The court can order a tenant to escrow past and future rent with the court. This is paid into the court until the disposition of the case.
  • After judgment and possession, if a tenant has not paid voluntarily, his or her wages may be garnished. This generally is scheduled 90 days from the date the garnishment was filed with the court. Our firm has also garnished those who owe your tenant monies for other than wages.
  • Our landlord/tenant practice involves both commercial and residential landlords. One aspect of our work involves helping landlords craft lease agreements to avoid problems in the future.
  • Some of the matters we address for landlords include: engagement agreements, unlawful detainer, cleaning and restoration fees that exceed a lease deposit, squatting on property, and fees associated with an inability to rent a unit because of the condition in which a tenant left it.
  • We can pursue unpaid rent up to four months and possibly longer after a tenant has vacated the rental property.

You Have Nothing to Lose By Hiring an Attorney

If you are worried about the costs of hiring a lawyer to help you collect a debt from a tenant, you don’t need to be. We are often able to include attorney’s fees in the amount a renter will have to pay.

Get the information and experienced legal assistance you need to collect your debts. Discover your legal options when you believe you will simply have to write off a bad debt. Take advantage of the determination with which Caudle Law Firm pursue collections for our clients. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.