Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Attorneys

In order to help homebuyers, sellers, and real estate investors protect their interests in real estate transactions, our attorneys review contracts, purchase agreements, leasing agreements, and financial documents related to real estate deals. In working with developers, we help coordinate environmental and traffic impact studies, address indemnification issues, and handle matters related to titles and notices. For homebuyers or sellers, we carefully review all documents in order to ensure our client isn’t exposed to unwanted liability. As real estate attorneys, we are not paid a commission on the sale of a home. As such, our primary concern is protecting our client from anything that could create unwanted legal or financial liability.

At Caudle Law Firm in Jacksonville, Florida, we want you to make the right decisions as well. We offer sound, consistent legal advice during uncertain times. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Real Estate Buying, Selling and Leasing

Sure, you can simply rely upon a realtor to handle your home purchase or sale. But in this economic client, it is better to ensure that all residential real estate transactions are conducted correctly to avoid problems in the future?

A realtor cannot offer legal advice, but we can. Let our attorneys be a part of your closing, gift transfer or title change.

Residential Real Estate Litigation Assistance

Sometimes issues arise after the purchase of a piece of property, which require legal intervention. Boundary disputes, partition suits, quiet enjoyment and undisclosed defects all require the careful handling of experienced attorneys.

We have represented family members disputing ownership and disposal of the property of a loved one who has passed, providing resolution as well as valuable estate administration legal services.

Commercial Real Estate

There are a number of issues that must be coordinated and addressed in commercial real estate transactions. In some instances, addressing community concerns is an important part of creating goodwill so important for many real estate development projects. At Caudle Law Firm, our real estate attorneys are prepared to go before zoning boards and community hearings in order to address important issues related to a real estate development.

Find out how the residential real estate attorneys of Caudle Law Firm, can help you with your home purchase, sale, lease or loan closing. Having an attorney may not be a requirement to conducting a real estate transaction, but it is perhaps one of the wisest steps you can take. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.