Bad Check Collections

Bad Check Collection Attorneys

Are bad checks hurting your business? Are you tired of simply writing off bad checks and having to bear the financial burden?

The team of collections lawyers at Caudle Law Firm in Jacksonville, Florida is ready to assist you. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Don’t Let Bad Checks Burden Your Business

One factor that makes resolving bad check matters difficult is the time needed to send a representative to court to address the criminal aspect of the case.

At Caudle Law Firm, we address the civil side of cases of bad checks. In representing clients, we send a letter requesting the bad-check writer make restitution.

We have served several Jacksonville businesses, helping grocery stores, video rental stores, auto repair shops and restaurants get the money they are due.

As attorneys we collect the face amount of the check, plus statutory bad check fees and penalties amounting to the lesser of three times the amount of the check or $250.

You Hire Us – Your Debtor Pays the Fees

Worried about the costs associated with hiring an attorney? There is no need – when we pursue and obtain payment for a bad check, the debtor must pay any attorney fees associated with the matter. Moreover, we are paid last – you get the money you are owed before we get any payment.

Get the information and experienced legal assistance you need to collect your debts. Discover your legal options when you believe you will simply have to write off a bad debt. Take advantage of the determination with which Caudle Law Firm pursue collections for our clients.