Practice Areas

Collections Lawyers

At Caudle Law Firm in Jacksonville, Florida, our practice areas are primarily focused on collections work in a variety of situations. However, we also assist injured clients, individuals who have estate administrative matters they wish resolved, or people who wish to fight a traffic ticket or a DUI.

To read about our practice, please click on the links below. You may also find out more information by contacting our firm and scheduling a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. We look forward to speaking with you.

Collections – An overview of our approach to helping creditors get the money they are owed.

Municipal Collections – Representing the city of Richmond and other municipalities in collections matters involving real estate taxes, utilities, bad checks and false alarm fees.

Professional Collections – Assisting medical and business professionals who need legal aid collecting debts.

Landlord/Tenant Collections – Providing support to landlords in the collection of rent, exploring options for payment of rent and evictions.

Bad Check Collections – Pursuing payment for bounced checks with no legal fees paid our clients.

Personal Injury – Helping injured clients get the compensation they are due following accidents caused by other parties.

Residential Real Estate – Guiding individuals and families through the processes of buying, selling or leasing a piece of residential property as well as resolving real estate-related disputes.

Simple Wills & Estate Administration – Working with clients in devising simple wills or administrating an estate after the loss of a family member.

Traffic & DUI – Addressing traffic violations and DUI charges to minimize their impact on ones ability to drive and retain their driver’s license.