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How Do I Choose the Right Lawyer to Defend Me?

You are entitled to choose any lawyer in Florida. If you are called for a police interview and are entitled to a public defender, the police may ask you if you have any wishes as to who will be the appointed general prosecutor for you.

If you do not specify a name for someone you want to defend, the district court will determine which lawyer will be appointed as the public defender. This may mean that the district court appoints a public defender for those who have little or limited experience in criminal proceedings, as many lawyers report interest in assigning defense missions.

choosing the best attorney in FloridaWe specialize in criminal matters and operate in Florida.

It is vital to hire the right attorney who is specialized in criminal matters and who has experience in defense missions. The lawyers at Caudle Law Firm work all criminal cases and have extensive experience in all types of defense missions. We often work with dangerous crime types and know significant investigations in more complicated goals. We are primarily active in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas, but we also undertake assignments in other parts of the country.

Choose an experienced lawyer.

The lawyers at Caudle Law Firm are all experienced in defense assignments. If you are called a police interview, advise you to contact the police before the hearing and say you want a defense attorney at Caudle Law Firm to be appointed as your public defender. We can assist you in front of and during the police hearing to give you the best possible defense right from the start.

If you are prosecuted for crimes and called for a court hearing in the district court, you may contact the District Court and request that one of the defense lawyers from Caudle Law Firm be appointed as your public defender. We can then assist you during and during the primary negotiation process to put up an adequate defense.

How do I change my lawyer if I’m unhappy?

If you have got a public defender appointed to you who you are not satisfied with or if you feel that the lawyer does not have the experience required to give you the best defense, you may in some cases be allowed to change public defenders. One then applies to the court in which the case is concerned and asks to change public defenders. It is necessary to indicate why you want to change and explain what you are not satisfied with.

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